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  • What is your goal, a certificate or an actual job?

    These last months have been tough. Many people lost their jobs and lots of them, exploring the opportunities of remote work, they are now looking around to see if they can achieve a life which allows them to have more free time for themselves. Being free from the workplace, from having to clock in and […]

  • Evolution Travel: the key word is synergy

    The values of Evolution Travel are expressed by its members and tell the story of a great team. We asked Alessandro, our web marketing manager, who is quite positive about what makes Evolution Travel stand out from other companies: “the synergy of the network”. And though he was always very precise and accurate in telling […]

  • NDC and Mistifly: two new options for flight deals and related products

    Being able to search for the best airfares on the market quickly and efficiently is very important if you want to make travel plans and want to be faster and better organised. Today, I would like to tell you about Evolution Travel’s new partner: Mystifly. The company is one of the world’s leading airline consolidators […]

  • Evolution Travel’s CRS is the most competitive on the market in more than 80% of cases

    Developed after entering into an important agreement with Juniper, one of the major software houses in the tourism technology field worldwide, Evolution Travel’s CRS (Computer Reservation System) has been operational since summer 2020. Through XML flows, the CRS is connected to millions of tourism Companies and facilities all over the world and more than 750 […]

  • The importance of specialising in a specific travel destination

    Evolution Travel’s Online Travel Consultants can choose to specialise in a specific destination or product. What are the advantages? Why do we recommend it? Find all the answers below.     Selling holidays means being able to take people anywhere in the world. The experience is extraordinary and exciting but – of course – raises […]

  • Evolution Travel’s Tuscany portal gets a major facelift!

    Evolution Travel’s all-new web portal on Tuscany is now online. With better deals, greater choice and, as always, completely customisable. From glamping to exciting activities, from regular tours to tailor-made trips: discover the new website.     Evolution Travel presents its all-new “Tuscany” portal: in the last months, we have worked non-stop to give a […]

  • Evolution Travel’s new CRS is ready and functional!

    Evolution Travel’s newest CRS is online: a useful tool designed to give a boost to the online travel sales business. We presented it in spring and it is now operational.   The design process of Evolution Travel’s new and powerful Booking Engine has reached its final stage and it’s ready to be released. We had […]

  • Knowing how to sell holidays online is extremely important now

    Due to the Covid-19 situation, the question has been raised again: “Selling online: yes or no?”. Actually, the answer is quite obvious for those who have always worked online. Find out more with this article on the online travel sales business.   As expected, while the whole world came to a halt, online commerce – […]

  • Single in Viaggio: Evolution Travel’s new exciting portal!

    Evolution Travel is proud to present its newest product, “Single in Viaggio” (Solo Travellers), a portal created to accompany all those people around the world who – for various reasons, either by choice or by necessity – decide to travel alone. Evolution Travel has expanded its range of products again in order to meet the […]

  • Trekking Routes: trails and itineraries by Evolution Travel

    Evolution Travel presents its new product, “Trekking Routes”, dedicated to all trekking enthusiasts who want to enjoy the world’s most famous mountains in complete safety. We talked about it with Bruno Bottaro, an online travel consultant specialised in Trekking holidays. Today, a new product increases the range of travel destinations and products offered by Evolution […]