The web marketing secrets

How do customers come on my website?

This is a key question for those who work online and for us, who have been working online since 2000, the answer is in the result of years of experience and field testing that have allowed us developing visibility strategies in order to achieve the best results for the entire network of online travel advisors.

Furthermore, by working on the web you are able to only deal with the type of requests and customers with which you want to work!

Summarizing it up, we can group together different strategies, channels and activities we use to gain visibility in the short and medium-long term.


  • Adwords – The Google advertising channel
  • SEOClick – Pay Per Click visibility packages from the organic results of search engines.
  • Facebook Ads – The Facebook advertising channel
  • Showcases / Banner paid on travel and holiday web sites
  • Email-marketing: newsletters and custom email messages (Dem) that are sent to groups of target contacts
  • with your goal


  • Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest …)
  • Youtube
  • Blog
  • Forums, Groups, Magazine online

In the first case, clicks or spaces generating visibility can be bought and you get immediate traffic that is used to get requests from your potential customers.

In the second case, you need a “Personal Branding” work, developed over time and, on the long term, it produces results through the sharing and distribution of useful and interesting content for your customers.

When an online Travel advisor starts working, it gets free exposure according to the plan chosen in order to immediately have requests to be processed.

All Online Travel Evolution Advisors access to a multitude of resources to gain visibility on the products they wish to sell, so they can focus on the product and customer management.