Evolution Travel’s CRS is the most competitive on the market in more than 80% of cases

Developed after entering into an important agreement with Juniper, one of the major software houses in the tourism technology field worldwide, Evolution Travel’s CRS (Computer Reservation System) has been operational since summer 2020.

Through XML flows, the CRS is connected to millions of tourism Companies and facilities all over the world and more than 750 airlines, including low-cost, with departures from 20 different countries and tariffs obtained from a selection of IATA agencies located worldwide.

A great tool designed and intended for the Evolution Travel community: professional online travel consultants and eTravellers.

Travel consultants act as travel agents and have special access which allows them to view the “net” shares of tourist services.

eTravellers, not being a travel agency, can only see shares with a minimum commission, even though in 80% of cases, rates are still better than those of the most popular search engines such as Booking.com, Expedia, etc.

We came to this conclusion only after being able to make many comparisons between our CRS and the various competitors.
We are really pleased to share some of it with you, whether you access it as a travel consultant or as an eTraveller.







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