What is your goal, a certificate or an actual job?

These last months have been tough. Many people lost their jobs and lots of them, exploring the opportunities of remote work, they are now looking around to see if they can achieve a life which allows them to have more free time for themselves. Being free from the workplace, from having to clock in and being able to work independently is not just a dream anymore.

It is normal to ask yourself some questions: “What do I love doing?”, “What are my skills?”, “Which ones can help me to get a well-paid job?”. You have probably read our post on Facebook on Ikigai, it is quite a simple concept: love what you do, and you will never have to work.

And it is also normal to look around, to understand what opportunities the market offers, what their cost is and try to avoid scams and wasting time.

If your passion is travel and you would like to turn it into your job, then you have come to the right place. But first, we need to clarify some concepts.

Many courses for… a single certificate

In the last months, we have noticed the constant appearance of many new courses. You only need to log into your socials to be inundated with them: “Become a travel coach”, “Become a travel blogger and earn money now”, “Discover the most advanced travel sales techniques”, “Become a certified technical director” and endless variations on the same theme.

These are companies and individuals, more or less qualified, who sponsor courses which will give you certificates that you can use to…. hang it up in your room just to say you have a certificate.

Becoming a Travel Blogger

Travelling, sharing your own travel diaries through writing, reviewing your adventures and enticing followers is definitely a stimulating experience.

Everyone at Evolution Travel has a blog. We think it is a nice passion which is important to pursue, but it will hardly make you a profit without a proper structure supporting it.

Few will tell you: to live off your blog, you need to have mind-boggling figures that can only be obtained with continuity, time, study and investment. The profit of a blog if you manage to make any comes mostly from affiliate marketing and ad banners. Completing the sale of a holiday is very unlikely because that is not the intent of the visitors who search and read your blog.

  • Pros: you will practise your writing skills
  • Cons: we are going to tell you in the nicest way we can: “it is a haaaard life…”

Learning travel sales techniques

An interesting course which will allow you to better understand the customer’s decision-making process, know how to ask the right questions, empathise with your interlocutor and conclude the sale. We too study to be always up to date on this subject and learn and apply new techniques.

You also need to ask yourself some practical questions: Who will contact you if you do not have visibility? What holidays will you sell if you do not have the tools?

  • Pros: you will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of people’s thinking
  • Cons: you will not have any effective tools to put into practice what you learn

Becoming a technical director

The role of the technical director is fundamental for those whose aim is to turn their passion into a job opening a traditional travel agency. This qualification though cannot be obtained just with a certified course, you will need to pass a licensing exam organised by regions during calls for applications.

Then, you will have to create everything from scratch: your company’s credibility, structure, organisation, etc.

  • Pros: you will have quite important certification required for opening a traditional agency
  • Cons: you will be alone in this (nowadays obsolete) adventure

The unique model of Evolution Travel Network

If your aim is to turn your travel passion into a real job that may allow you to earn, grow professionally and manage your free time, Evolution Travel Network is the best answer to your wishes.

Our exclusive strengths:

  • A well-bonded team with which you can work together and exchange ideas every day with continuous support of senior consultants.
  • Personalised training designed specifically for your professional growth, thanks to the constant provision of advanced training and refresher courses.
  • A well-structured and dedicated back office to manage all contracts.
  • Advanced tools that will allow you to find the best travel offers and solutions for your customer, always being able to count on the experience and support of all senior consultants specialised in various destinations and types of holidays.
  • The strength of a company, the Evolution Travel Network, which has been a leader in the online travel industry for more than 20 years.
  • Billing and bureaucratic aspects are dealt with in a simple way.
  • The possibility to start earning even from the first day and build your own career path.

All the courses we told you about will not help you in the end because they cannot give you the opportunity to have a successful professional career. The goal of the Evolution Travel Network instead is to give you all the tools, complete support and assistance to help you turn your passion for travel into a job.

Of course, we know that since you are just starting, you might be attracted by the lower costs of a simple course, but we are talking about two completely different experiences. “Starting with a course to see where you can get from there is like buying a bicycle to see if you can drive a car”, quoting the words of Francesco Schettini and Tamara Magarotto, responsible for the selection of new consultants.

We hope we have given you a clear picture, but if you still have any doubts, you can read our guide or contact us!  A nice chat will be a great way to get to know each other and answer all your questions.







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