The Smart formula enables us to carry out the profession of Travel Consultants online.

If you are passionate about the world of tourism and you’d like to turn this passion into a job, with this formula you can develop an activity in the world of Tourism online built on the base of your needs and aims.

smart formula evolution travel

The Smart formula enables you to have all the instrument and resources that an online Travel Consultant needs to carry out his activity: from a personalised site with about one hundred thematic portals to the online agency where all the “tools of the trade” are grouped, to the most sophisticated software to manage paperwork and the names of people you come in contact with in order to follow them at best and loyalize the client in time.

Indicated for those who have a great passion for the world of tourism, wants to operate directly in the field of online tourism without having to engage in technical and administrative aspects and without having to spend large costs of the more traditional solution (high street travel agency, franchising, etc.).

Commitment required: the more time you can dedicate to the activity the more results you will obtain, in any case we don’t advise this formula to those who can’t dedicate at least 3-4 hours a day to it.

The Smart formula is indicated for those who want to operate in the field of online tourism in a professional way.

Cost of the Smart formula: 4900€ + 375€ for yearly renewal
See the price list with all the details

Don’t make a blind investment, first read the Introductive guide to become online travel Consultants. It is completely free! Click here and begin immediately!


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