What you need to operate an online travel business

To start an online travel business as a Travel Consultant, you will need the online software to manage every aspect of your work: from the organisation and handling of travel requests, to the preparation of quotes; from the scheduling of daily activities, to the creation of reminders to contact customers; from the supervision of the economics of the business, to the facilitation of marketing and advertising actions.

The most important technological resources that are provided for an online Travel Consultant at Evolution Travel are:


The sales website is a showcase for an online Travel Consultant, the “shop” where customers enter to view the products and choose their holiday. The site consists of dozens of thematic portals (e.g., Wellness, Diving, Venezuela, Red Sea, India…) which contain travel offers but also a great deal of informative content, for example, the characteristics of an area, what to bring on holiday, what to visit, what the typical dishes are… Also, more important, the role of the online Travel Consultant is well emphasized on the website, a feature that distinguishes it from any other e-commerce website! See an example

The Online Agency is the back office that incorporates, in just one “place”, all the operational tools to manage bookings. It is a kind of “virtual office”, a link between all the operational tools and resources needed to run a business, divided into thematic areas: training, tourist information, marketing, tools and procedures. In short, we are talking about the “tools of the trade”, namely all you need to run your business conveniently.

Et-Ticket is a piece of software that manages all the requests coming from the web in a simple and intuitive way. All operations related to ticketing can be easily made through Et-Ticket: from the confirmation of a request, to the display of all the details, to the assignment of the request to another Travel Consultant. Also, this software keeps track of all transactions, to be able to carry out any type of verification and control later.


Et-Gest is a piece of management software for the processing of customer files, from the arrival of the requests to the booking, to customer retention, to data about the profitability of your business. Through Et-Gest, it’s also possible to manage the preparation of quotes to be sent directly to the customer, as well as the management of all the documents necessary during the booking process.


Evolution Way is a piece of software that allows online Travel Consultants to perform many different tasks that are essential to their business, e.g. search through thousands of online travel offers. Using this software, Travel Consultants can also create “photodiaries” to describe a tour, a package or a destination via a multitude of full-screen images. Lastly, they can create, publish and organise all travel offers on the thematic portals.


When the idea of travelling starts to take shape, the journey has already begun and a “film” about how this new and exciting experience will be is created in our mind. It’s then that travellers start searching for anything that could provide them with the necessary information to make their trip as pleasant as possible. That’s the reason we created Photodiary! This software allows people to use full-screen images, captions and in-depth texts, to propose travel destinations.


Evolution Travel gives its Consultants the opportunity to use the multilingual platform too, to focus on the incoming (attracting foreigners to our wonderful country) or expand your market to other countries (e.g., offering India to the Spanish or the Americans) by engaging the travel agencies of the countries where you will operate!