Do you know how to become an online travel Consultant?

Formation is at the base of every journey, for this reason we think this aspect that accompanies the activity of an Evolution Travel online travel Consultant fundamental not only in the initial phase but also afterwards, with constancy and continuity.

The aim of the whole journey is to develop the technical/touristic knowhow and the personal and professional competence necessary to build a successful entrepreneurial activity through classroom and online courses and formative events that are constantly organised to enable you to build a solid and fruitful commercial activity in the world of travel and tourism.

In synthesis here is how the formation of an Evolution Travel online travel Consultant is organised:

  • BASIC COURSE – Theory 
    It is a course that is developed over recorded online sessions with a learning confirmation test in which you can see all the operative instruments in detail, the procedures and resources that an online travel Consultant has to manage his activity.
    The second phase of the Basic Course is a classroom course of 4 days and represents the moment in which the online travel Consultant begins, in the proper sense, his activity. Yes, we enter into the heart of the matter and begin to work the first requests!
  • COACHING ONLINE – Online personalised sessions
    It is a formative session, held by an expert online travel Consultant that follows a single person in his specific needs for 10 hours distributed over a two month period.
    Online courses to which you can participate thanks to a dedicated platform that enables you to assist the course comfortably from home and interacting through a chat shared by all the participants. Every week there are from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 e-learning courses, which means an average of 150 e-learning courses in a year! From tourism technique, to online sales strategies, to procedures related to booking trips, to personal growth, to web-marketing, to the management of your time, to the single products and destinations and on how to sell them.
  • EDUCATIONAL – Travelling as Consultants
    Educationals are trips that the various Tour Operators organise to let operators in this field, who are in charge of selling the product, experience first-hand and on location, the destinations and services offered, in order to sell the product to their clients in a better way.
  • OPEN DAY – Full immersion
    The Open Days are formative days organised in various Italian cities to examine various aspects of the activity more in depth: from the instruments of the online agency, to specific touristic products, to web-marketing strategies to promote oneself on the WEB.
  • ANNUAL CONVENTION – Formation, news, ideas…Once a year, in September, all Consultants reunite for the online travel Consultant Convention: 2 days that represent an important moment of gathering and formation for all participants!