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The world of tourism and the web go through a fascinating transformation every day and this is what drives our work made of intuition and development.


We have always believed that tourism was destined to evolve and transform itself in a radical way thanks to the intervention of new communication technologies and time has proved us right! On the wave of this firm conviction we have developed softwares dedicated to what has become an always more widespread figure today in the world of Online Travel: the online Travel Consultant.

Very independent, with the need for movement and freedom of action, always in search of instruments that enable him to carry out his work with agility and lightness the online travel Consultant needs instruments and resources to:

  • Intercept the requests of those looking for a tripand needs help to have the tranquillity and security to choose the best offer at the most convenient price. Et-Ticket is the software dedicated to the management of holiday requests that come directly from the online travel Consultant site.
  • Find the operator that meets the needs of the clientmost in order to offer the most adequate and satisfying trip proposal among the hundreds and thousands available on the web. To orientate himself quickly in this ocean of offers there are the main CRS (Computer Reservation  System), search engines and booking systems through which you can access the touristic offer of various operators.
  • Rapidly managethe booking and loyalize the client with the greatest effectiveness by taking care of him before, during and after the trip. Thanks to the managerial Et-Gest, you can manage and organise all the activity of an online travel Consultant in a clear and intuitive way through vital statistics of clients, activities carried out and to be carried out, client history and a guided procedure for the creation of estimates.
  • Operate on various marketswidening the target clientele beyond ones boarders and widening the resources for the search of a better offer even more. With Multiagency and Multilanguage you have the great opportunity to multiply your results!
  • Build the product that sells just like the one we have always imagined, with all the details that we have never been able to find in the proposals of existing operators, because the angle we give make them unique and always special.EvolutionWay is an CMS (Content Management System) that enables you to create product forms by inserting text, price lists, picture galleries and videos and everything you think useful to describe the product .

The macro-areas in which Evolution Travel Tech operates are three:

  1. technology: from the registration and maintenance of the domain to the creation of portals dedicated to specific products, to the autonomous management of online catalogues through CMSs (content management systems), to the possibility to operate on markets in various different countries at the same time, we have built a web platform that is always adapt for the needs of the online travel Consultant.
  2. marketing: from the management of email-marketing platforms that enable the personalised mailing of specific products/destinations, to instruments of visibility that are fundamental for whoever operates on the web and wants to optimise his resources by choosing his own target of reference.
  3. formation: at the bottom of everything there is knowhow, given by who has a wide professional experience in this field and is therefore, able to offer a very valid support in the use of all the resources useful to an online travel Consultant in order to sell trips through internet in every period of the year.

Thanks to a ten year experience of the people involved in the field of online tourism,   Evolution Travel Tech develops all the software and resources for whoever wants to dedicate himself in a serious and professional way to an online activity in the world of tourism: from the visibility of a product to the management of client’s paperwork, from the creation of online catalogues to the sorting out of requests coming from the web, from accountancy paperwork and invoicing to the management of xml fluxes for the development of ecommerce sales.

The Evolution Travel online travel Consultant  operates on the European market and on the American market through the following travel agencies:

Evolution Travel Ltd
19, St. Mark Street – Valletta VLT1362, Malta
VAT Number: MT22006723
Malta Tourism Authority (o MTA) Licence: TRA/T/69

Evolution Travel USA Inc.
1000 5th Street, Suite #200
Miami Beach, USA



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