Selling holidays at the time of the coronavirus: the current situation

These days, the news about the coronavirus (and the spread of fake news) is deeply affecting the travel industry. As usual, it is important not to give in to despair, but to face this crisis with preparation and rationality.

These are very hectic days for everyone as the world struggles with the discovery of coronavirus.
It’s everywhere in the news: the media and social media give continuous – and often useless – updates.
It’s a race to be the first to break the news or upload new content, probably attracted by the possibility of easily increasing access to websites and audience share on TV.

A general trend which has severely crippled most production sectors though, contributing to increasing the sense of distress and fear in the population.

The travel industry is probably the sector that more than any other is paying too high a price.
The same is happening to the events: just think of how many trade fairs have been cancelled, the most recent one being the Geneva Motor Show.


No need to feel discouraged or give up.

Tourism is one of this country’s greatest resources as well as of many other countries in the world.

The professionalism, expertise and knowledge of Evolution Travel’s online travel consultants is proving fundamental these days.

Many Evolution Travel customers in fact, have decided not to give in to fear, but instead to keep travelling.
Up until now, the number of cancellation requests is still very limited.


How we are dealing with the Coronavirus situation

In this climate of global uncertainty, we are carefully monitoring every communication issued by the Farnesina to assist customers before departure and throughout their holiday.

Who will go on holiday and who won’t?
In theory, everyone will travel.

Let’s be clearer: even those customers currently unable to depart due to the closure of foreign borders to Italian citizens have decided to wait for better times.

This means that they will travel in the future, taking advantage of the voucher assigned to them by Evolution Travel.
The holiday to the destination of their dreams, therefore, will only be postponed in compliance with the current regulations.

And sales?
Evolution Travel is still selling holidays, not as much as usual, but the volume is still high.
Repeat customers in particular are having no qualms about booking their summer holidays, certain that the world situation will become normal again, as it certainly will.


The crucial important role of the online Travel Consultant

During these frenetic days, especially for the media, the role of the online travel consultant has become even more important for our travellers.

First of all, travellers want to be reassured that someone is following the situation of flights, borders, etc… it takes away the stress of having to think about their holiday, especially in the case of cancellations due to decisions by foreign governments.

Instead, independent travellers not covered by insurance are experiencing now the frustration of having to waste a lot of money and time to manage everything.

This will not happen to those who have chosen Evolution Travel and its expert online travel consultants. All our travellers feel reassured by our long established professional relationship with them.

Also Evolution Travel’s strength and its compliance to the applicable regulations is a guarantee for our customers.
Nobody ever loses anything.


Perseverance at this time of the coronavirus

This is perhaps the first time that a single event has had an impact of such magnitude on both the economy and the media.
It is not the first time though that this sector has had to deal with severe external circumstances.
It happens all the time in the case of riots or wars in every corner of the world.
It happens with natural disasters.
It happened on September 11.
And only 10 years ago with the spread of SARS and the swine virus.

Once again, the professionalism and expertise of those who sell holidays online, like us at Evolution Travel, have been a crucial factor in balancing people’s desire for travel, the safety of passengers, public health and personal safety. To protect consumer rights and money.

This time the difference is that, for the first time, some countries have temporarily closed the borders to Italian travellers. A scenario that no one would have ever imagined until a few days ago.
The situation is necessarily destined to change though.

And even this time, at the end of this crisis, our help will have proved essential for our customers.
The fact that we only report real news taken only from official sources.
That our priority is the travellers’ safety.
That we provide useful information.


Evolution Travel is still here, always ready – today more than ever – to advise our customers.

Ready to work for our loyal customers who are continuing to book their future holidays, trusting not only in our work but also in the fact that the situation will change in the coming weeks.

We will keep monitoring the situation and training to help our customers and the entire travel sector.

We will continue to dream and describe the world, to explore it, to admire its beauty and its diversity.
Enjoying a perfect sunset; sipping a drink on a rooftop during an exciting journey; visiting museums; celebrating a new stamp on our passport!
The world awaits us!






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