The Online Travel Consultant in the spotlight at BIT 2019

At the 2019 edition of the BIT of Milan,  the profession of the Online Travel Consultant was the centre of attention during a very interesting morning. Evolution Travel happily accepted the invitation of the organisers to talk about the activity of selling holidays online and the 3 most common mistakes in this profession.

Included in the calendar of events for the tourism industry, Formazione Turismo also organised some conferences for “BIT4JOB – Meet the future”.

The topics discussed were Work, Training, Seminars and Networking for the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Evolution Travel was the only network of online travel consultants to be invited due to its particular business model.

This informative and promotional session was held by Francesco Schettini, Development Manager of the Evolution Travel Network and by four active Travel Consultants:

  • Luigia D’Isita,
  • Annalisa Artini,
  • Simona Rossetti,
  • Fulvio Diotallevi.

Also present was Tamara Magarotto, deputy development manager of the Evolution Travel Network.

The audience: aspiring Consultants, students and agencies

All seats were taken in the Amber 3 hall: starting from 11:30 am, 100 people followed the conference with great interest.
The audience included students of Master courses and courses in the tourism sector; travel agents working in traditional physical agencies; people potentially interested in selling holidays online; people who had already contacted Evolution Travel, but had never finalised their membership.

The debate focused on 3 mistakes to avoid in carrying out the activities of the online travel consultant.
What are they?

  1. Starting without an effective marketing strategy
  2. Taking it for granted that you possess all the necessary skills
  3. Ignoring the difference between an intermediary and a travel organiser.

Focus also on the experiences of 4 active travel consultants who have completely different professional and personal backgrounds.


Feedback from the participants

The conference was then a practical opportunity to understand the real essence of the Evolution Travel model.
The audience participated with interest: not only no one left the room until the end of the meeting but they also took notes. It was significant.

“People have shown a lot of interest in the figure of the online travel consultant and there are many questions, even from agents working in traditional agencies who are increasingly considering the idea of working online to expand their clientele and work with technologies – said Francesco Schettini –  Evolution Travel was very happy to accept the invitation of Formazione Turismo to the BIT event.
We have been a forerunner of innovation in this industry for the past 19 years and so, our model is a case study used in specialisation courses for new professions in the tourism sector.


We have noticed a lot of interest in the profession of the Online Travel Consultant who is no longer seen as an “oddity” but as a well trained operator up to date with modern technology.
We are available every day to show the Evolution Travel model to anyone who is interested and in the future we will keep participating in initiatives and conferences like this one organised during the BIT event”, explained Francesco Schettini.

“The feedback we got from our participation in this event, very important in Italy but also attended by international companies and audiences, was immediate – said Tamara Magarotto – At the end of the meeting we were approached by many people who wanted to learn more about us.
We were also happy to see interest in people who work in traditional travel agencies: these professionals appreciated the fact that they were explained in a simple way the innovative mechanism of this profession which today is open to everyone”.


There is going to be another event for those who want to learn more about Evolution Travel:  Evolution Travel Formula.
Our network of Consultants and Web Marketing Professionals will meet up in Abano Terme on 2 and 3 March 2019 for a two-day event completely dedicated to training.
50% theory + 50% practice to discover all the consolidated techniques for successfully working as an online Travel Consultant.

An unmissable opportunity for those already working and exceptionally open also to those who are considering the idea of becoming part of the Evolution Travel network.

By Stefania Bochicchio







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