Why is the Evolution Travel network so strong?

With vast direct experience with existing and aspiring Travel Consultants, a prevailing feature immediately emerged about Evolution Travel: the strength of its network.

Certainly, without a shadow of doubt, one of the fundamental aspects that has brought about the growth of this company has been its development of a network of professional and human relationships that have produced harmonious development in everyone, on both sides. This apparently figurative and vaguely philosophical concept, is in reality, very visible in the daily work of Evolution Travel staff.

In this post, we’ll explain how much the network accounts for, how it’s formed, and what its real strength is, for everyone.

This “network” is not an abstract: it is a real team.

The Evolution Travel network is a team of online Travel Consultants. At the same time it’s so much more: it’s their character and approach to work, their knowledge and previous experience, the trust felt by the traveller and the constant presence of everyone (managerial, marketing administrative, editorial, technical, etc.) who works “behind the scenes” not only doing their jobs, but also generating added value for other colleagues and Consultants.

It’s a proper collaboration platform, exactly as it had been originally conceived by Luca Baldisserotto and Mioara Dragomir, Evolution Travel’s founders many years ago.

Collaboration means – in effect – sustaining a horizontal structure.

What this effectively means is explained very clearly by Guendalina Vigorelli, Web Marketing Manager for Evolution Travel with a simple example: “In order to understand what the Evolution Travel network is, you might want to imagine a picture of a net, like those used by fishermen, or one that divides the courts in volleyball: it’s a mesh made up of many knots. Each knot gets its strength from the previous one, while supporting the next. The network is strong due to the presence of its knots: each important singularly, but far stronger together”.

In Evolution Travel, the strength that is generated is seen as leverage on the results of the Consultant in the structure, in any given moment of his work, and that occurs both in terms of development of activities, as well as in economic return.

From a merely practical point of view, anyone interested in this profession can immediately perceive the reassuring presence of the network: after having requested the free Guide to Becoming an Online Travel Consultant, applicants are put in contact with experienced Consultants, to start learning this profession, also thanks to the first three training steps being entirely free of charge.

After this period of shadowing, applicants participate in the Basic Online Course, to get to know the platform that Travel Consultants use to carry out their work.

Then, there are classroom courses carried out by highly experienced Consultants who follow the newly arrived staff in their management of first travel cases, so that they immediately start working under the supervision of senior staff members.

This is how the abstract concept of “network” becomes extremely real and tangible: you start knowing people, the “knots” of the network as cited by Guendalina Vigorelli.

The so-called “senior” consultants are the reference promoters of the network, product, tour operators and so on.

One of the best aspects of this job is the possibility of enjoying huge flexibility: while having a good idea of what this concept means, you easily realise how you have the freedom to organise yourself as you see fit in Evolution Travel, without ever feeling alone in your job of managing clients, thanks to the firm’s targeted business strategy and practices.

And thanks also to Open Days and Reference Group Consultants (a role that we could define as being more “territorial”) it is also possible to compare ideas more frequently in person, so that contact with others is not only via technology and online discussions, but also physical meeting of people in one’s own city or region.

The exchange of information, advice, practical assistance becomes a mutual asset: a reciprocity that has a decisively positive impact on the entire network, because it becomes clear that while everyone is following their individual goals, it is a common road, in the same direction, created by other Consultants.

You might, therefore, receive a request from a traveller and not know how to fully handle it; this can happen at the beginning of your career when you aren’t fully familiar with a destination and you choose to personalise the package deal you want to offer to a client.

In cases like these, the importance of being able to count on other people on the Evolution Travel network is obvious.

All you’d need to do is to contact your reference promoter for the product in question to find a solution to this problem. This means timesaving, satisfying the client, learning something new and closing the case serenely and positively.

All this thanks to the help of another Consultant who, in turn, would have contributed by training a “colleague” to promote a destination, triggering further trust and awareness in his own network.

Reciprocity is the key to everything: reciprocity is a good word, and in Evolution Travel it doesn’t remain just a word. It is a fundamental component for feeling the network’s strength and experience.

Request the Guide to Becoming an Online Travel Consultant and start working with Evolution Travel! You’ll also see what it means to work with the strength of a consolidated and experienced network supporting you.






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