GRPs and Their Role

Evolution Travel’s network of online Travel Consultants can rely on a key figure in the development of the company: the GRP, Group Reference Promoter.
Who is he and what does he do? What kind of help can he offer to colleagues?

The GRP is an online Travel Consultant who has done this job for a long time and can make good use of his experience to help his colleagues.

He/she becomes the reference of a group of people who regularly meet and come together to work as a team, overcome any difficulties, learn how to deal better with requests and clients.

He is not a trainer in a strict sense, though he knows how to train. He is not a team leader either.

He is a help, a reference, valuable support, especially at the beginning, but he will never take responsibility for the work of his colleagues who will always be responsible for their own work.

He is a good “workfriend” who cares about the results of each member of his group.

The reason is simple: Evolution Travel’s success depends on the growth of the company, of everyone!

Why groups?

It’s of course easier for a large network of people to work and communicate efficiently with the help of smaller “cells”: in our case, we are talking about groups.
Many new groups have been created over the years all over Italy from North to South.

It’s not compulsory for a consultant to enter one, yet we have noticed that being part of a group makes it easier to achieve good results.

This way, the integration process of new consultants in Evolution Travel network becomes easier, also because – as a matter of fact – they can follow the example of the GRP and the other colleagues.

It’s a great source of enrichment for the consultants and a great help to feel supported and part of a larger project though they keep working independently.

This participation is completely voluntary and is rewarded with an incentive scheme, that is, higher commission on travel sales.


What do you need to become a GRP?

The ideal Group Reference Promoter has a mix of business and human qualities:

  • empathy
  • natural inclination towards human relations
  • teamwork
  • natural leadership skills
  • willingness to listen and help
  • great sales results
  • great knowledge of Evolution Travel
  • behaviour and principles that reflect Evolution Travel’s values.


He knows how to set a good example because he uses a good work method, achieves great results and knows how to pass his knowledge on, social and work experience to his colleagues who then look at him/ her as a “model” to follow.

This is true not only to overcome difficulties or dead-end situations but also to increase results, even in the case of an active and successful business.

Group Reference Promoters had to work hard to reach this position. It’s for this reason that they are able to help other colleagues to grow.
Many are grateful to their GRP for their encouragement, help, training: it’s a learning pathway that never ends and continues at all levels.

The GRP offers his advice but ultimately it’s always the Consultant who decides how to work: they are not expected to follow what the GRP says “blindly” and uncritically.

They can of course decide whether to follow the advice or not: everyone is responsible for their own work.
And maybe even a newcomer can bring forward ideas for a new, more efficient way of working: everyone grows by working together, without a “boss” to lay down the rules.


Free but not alone

So, if you have been thinking about working as an online Travel Consultant but are worried that it may be too difficult to do it on your own, especially at the beginning, know that just a few kilometres from you there is probably a Group with colleagues and a GRP ready to offer you their support.

You’ll find new ideas, people, examples that you can follow to start your job with great spirit and consciousness!

The work of a GRP is very important, in particular because they are the actual “personification” of Evolution Travel’s values. This happens in a quite natural and spontaneous way, working well every day for their own personal growth and for that of the entire network.

The strength of the Evolution Travel model is this: work freely and autonomously, being able to count continuously on a strong network that can support them both at the beginning and in their future growth.

By Stefania Bochicchio






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