30 minute Chats: the easiest way to train with Evolution Travel!

Evolution Travel really sets great store by the training of its online travel Consultants.
One tangible sign is the very varied and numerous opportunities for learning events, organized in various forms and for different goals.
One of the most valued training tools is without a doubt the “30 minute Chats”.

Formazione Evolution Travel

This an event of 30 minutes fixed duration, during which it is possible to chat with a given Promoter or with someone from the central staff of Evolution Travel.
So the subject will be very specific but open at the same time, in the sense that questions put by the participants will be replied to in real time.
Specifically, how does a 30 minute Chat work?
The Consultants receive an email invitation, with the subject indicated, the time, and the name of the person who will host the virtual chat.
At the exact time you can enter this “room” and it will begin with questions relative to the product under discussion and the subsequent replies in explanation.
What is the goal of the 30 minute Chats?
This training tool has been thought out principally to supply Consultants with information based on determined products or destinations, in the case that there is a Promoter to “host” and reply.
When instead the chat has been opened directly by the Evolution Travel staff, then it will go on to talk of specific themes, like, for example, the handling of determined complaints, insurance, the use of some administrative functionalities etc…
Why should an online travel Comsultant take part in a 30 minute Chat?
The reason is simple: it is a very fast, easy and streamlimed tool which supplies practical and essential information in a short time.
Moreover, being based on the questions of the Consultants involved, it gives very precise replies, therefore they are not of a “generic” nature but calibrated according to the needs of the participants themselves.
It is besides a very useful tool to understand if there is a propensity to deal with a certain destination or specific product, immediately supplying a general understanding, which is also useful to be able to work out practical travel specifics.
Is this training tool valued by the Consultants?
Yes, this method of training-interaction is generating great approval, since it was created and made available to the network.
Participation in the various chats is usually high and satisfying: the Consultants like it a lot because it allows them to access useful information, dedicating only a half hour of their own time to this training path.
[slogan sc_id=”sc1482997000401″]The 30 minute Chats assist then in becoming more competent in specific subjects and, when it is organized by the Evolution Travel staff, also becomes another means to talk directly with those responsible in the various sectors: a continuous live thread, an always open communication channel for the network![/slogan]

The advice then is to check your email inbox regularly and pay attention to the communications concerning the 30 minute Chats, to be able to participate actively, obtaining always useful information, explained in detail and given by experts.






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