Which is the training for an online Travel advisor?

One of the first questions that arises when evaluating the opportunity of becoming an online Travel advisor is “Will I be able to make it? Am I competent enough to venture into this profession?”.

Undoubtedly, behind the choice of this career path there is a great passion for traveling. However, this feature alone is not enough.

The Travel advisor has to be trained and constantly updated, especially through the training that Evolution Travel as a company ensures to all its advisors.

The training course has been designed to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of qualifications, as it is structured in a simple way, offering a wealth of useful information, easy to apply right away.

The first steps in the Evolution Travel world will allow you to learn technical knowledge, not only about the working mechanisms of the network itself, but also related to the travel industry in general.

The first training session will allow knowing in detail the relevant regulations of the travel industry and technical tools to start working.

You will work on developing specific professional skills, being followed by expert trainers and the network of “senior” Advisors, both online and in the classroom – in order to be able to start with the first practice tests.

The training program developed by the Evolution Travel team will also provide useful web marketing tools: key elements for the success of an online Travel advisor.

The importance of contacts generated by online interaction has become essential and Evolution Travel staff has structured basic courses and more advanced modules suitable for everyone, from the beginner in the web industry to persons already accustomed to using these contact tools.

It is important to know that everyone can then learn tricks and tips to better exploit the enormous potential of the web, applied to the travel world.

All the more so thanks to the coaching service: a constant and personal presence of a specialist who, through one-hour sessions per day requested by the advisor can refresh already shown concepts or answer questions and doubts.

The learning process does not end at the entry stage, in fact Evolution Travel Advisors can count on a constant learning process developed periodically through:

  • e-learning sessions accessible from home;
  • educational, that is the travels reserved to travel advisors to get to know first-hand places, hotels, villages and services to be offered to travellers;
  • open days: training days held in various cities in Italy;
  • the annual convention, the appointment to review the business, educational, professional and personal development, along with the network of the other advisors working throughout the territory.

The Evolution Travel training process is therefore accessible to everyone and above all, it is highly customized based on the hourly advisor’s availability and its specific questions, practical experience and needs.

A path of professional growth, having great cultural and human value. Do you want to start checking the training course reserved for you?

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